Working my way up…

Arduino purchased. Now to move on to the juicy part- experiments!

I brought the ‘Arduino starter pack’ which comes with the basics- diodes, capacitors, a bunch of resistors, motors, theremins, etc. I have to be honest, Some of the things I had never heard of, but I have had fun so far just learning about the components, what they do and made up some cool acronyms too!

I went through the starter book very quickly because I really enjoyed working on the circuits and creating cool hardware. It has inspired me to learn more about what I can do for a final project too (but I’ll keep that hush hush for now!)

I have done experiments 1-12 in the book and here they are (in no particular order):


I plan on making more complicated stuff, but this was the just getting into electronics and physical computing. I am throughly enjoying it and wish to do more juicy experiments soon!


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