I have been looking at some more research into emotions, social intentions and assistive technology used by or for autistic children.

This was supercool. Google used their ‘google glass’ product to do some research with Stanford to see if autistic people could benefit from understanding emotions better when wearing the glasses. The glasses itself had face recognition and tracking so that the person wearing them could pick up on the faces and start to understand what each facial expression meant. See a more detailed explanation in the videos below:


Something that is also quite similar is Affectiva’s ‘Brain power’ smart eye wear. It allows the child to read people’s facial expressions and converts it into a child friendly emoji that the child can understand and relate to. More can be seen here:

This stuff is really great and inspires me because it rewards the person as well as encourages them to socialise, so not only does it help the parent, but the child. I have particular interest in interactive assistive technology that helps parent and child, not just the parent.

Now, I am not saying that I am able to create such a high end product, but I do like the fact that the product is able to teach the user in a fun way.

I’m hoping that my project can do something similar, so it is something that can help the child but in a fun and interesting way!


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