I recently brought a bluetooth module for my Arduino in hopes of creating a portable device for autistic children.

However, this module did not work so well and I had to return it 😦

I began to think of way that I could still use a bluetooth device in my assistive tech and then I remembered that I have a a flora circuit from Adafruit.


Now these things are really cool because not only are they light and paper thin, but they also have lots of things you can do with it. It is a great for making wearable devices and they have these tiny little holes where you can sew it to things!


So from this, I decided to purchase a blue fruit module for the flora, so I can start to make the device more portable and customisable. The cool thing is that I comes with an app that you can customise, so I can fiddle around with this, which will be taken from one of my inspirations here.

I will have to design a strap but I can do this in Cinema 4D (thank goodness I was studied digital art in my last degree) and then bring it into Cura to print.

Check out my next post!



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