More bluetoothing…

My bluetooth module for flora came in the post last night and I was eager to test it out with my flora.

It was a good test and I began to try and see if I could grow on the idea of wireless communication with the flora and a smartphone. However, This was harder said then done as it is (for now) beyond the scope of what I can do as a beginner. However, It is something I will defiantly come back to in the future.


The idea was to detect anxiety with the module (it has a built in UART) and transmit a message to a smart phone via bluetooth while also have a really cool LED that lets the child know how they may be feeling visually so for example, they know that they can see when they may be feeling anxious or stressed.



I did a few tests on my phone and with the blue fruit, but for now, this idea will have to be kept on the sidelines, and maybe revised for a future project.




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