Tests and prototypes

I’ve been looking at ways to make the portable idea better for my physical computing module, and have come up with a simplistic and furthermore and realistic way of detecting anxiety in kids on the spectrum.


So if you look at the design (sorry it’s not very clear) you’ll notice it is a wearable, that has 2 parts to it. One part has a rubber strap that I can design in fusion and 3d print with Ninjaflex, the other part is a wearable T-shirt that has LED’s and a small vibration motor in the other sleeve. I am still wondering if I can use a Arduino micro-controller with a snapboard or Adafruit’s Flora or Gemma wearable devices.


I ordered a pulse sensor which is a plug and play device that is Processing and Arduino compatible. The first thing was to make sure it worked, so I opened up the example code and tested it. The next thing I did was to compose a sketch that was able to pick up the pulses and make the LED’s react to them.

I found that I didn’t have to make the LED’s react constantly but only to when there was a change in pulse rate, so I redesigned the code again to make it shorter and more simple.



I then experimented with getting the same code to work using a Flora with alligator clips although I’m still trying to figure out how I’d do it without the clips…



So far I’ve created a few prototypes for straps. And I am still in the prototyping stage until I have a stable design which have the correct dimensions for the sensor, but also has a good design which fits around different wrists (basically an adjustable strap)

The latest one  was designed in Fusion 360, which I’ve never actually used before, but found it really simple and easy to understand. I created a strap that had a depth big enough for the sensor but also allowed the wires to come out from it easily. This will be prototyped with PLA to test the dimensions and then with ninjaflex using a makerbot 3D printer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will continue to prototype these and then finally print the most stable design using ninjaflex. The next step will be to make the shirt with the Arduino/flora/gemma circuit which attaches to the sensor in the strap. Check out my next post!


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