I was thinking of making a case for the Flora, or if I should just sew it into the shirt directly. The advantage of having it cased is that it is more protected but the disadvantage is that it would be a very good wearable as the case would look big and bulky.


If you saw my earlier posts, you will see that I made a few designed using Fusion 360 which enabled me to create highly accurate designs using the dimensions of the Flora. From the diameter of the Flora, I added a few more millimetres to make sure that it was able to fit inside there and a big of a depth for the battery.

The Flora case, top and bottom with rectangular spaces for the Li-Po battery and USB port

As I’m still new to the Fusion, it would’ve taken me a while to space out each hole on the board, so I just make a rectangular space for the USB port and battery port.

After I 3D printed the board, I put the Flora inside the case and then made lines on the casing for where the wires would come out from. I used a thin saw to make a depth on the casing for the wires and then made it neater  with a pen knife, sanding it down afterwards for a clean finish. I tested it with the Flora, being careful not to damage the connection when putting it in the casing and letting the wires run through the exits I had made.

I may not use the casing after all, but it was good to play with Fusion and also test out different possibilities for the final design. The casing could even be used at a later date!


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