Still haven’t thought of a catchy name yet!

So instead of making the game stationary, whereby the child would just sit and pull faces, I thought to make it more fun and exciting, After all, children. learn best when they are having fun!

So now, I have made 2 states, One with the user being stationary (i.e. neutral facial expression) and one with their tongue out. instead of the child mimicking the face, which might be hard for them to understand the meaning behind it, I am using images in OpenframeWorks that are falling down. These images are big , clear emojis. The child has to stick out their tongue to collect the happy faces (instructions will be at the top the the screen)

here is a pic of what it looks like so far:

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 14.17.23

this is just a rough concept so far, Of course I will have other cool things that will come down the screen, and it wouldn’t have such a dull background colour either. It will be more child friendly and thinking about possibly adding audio too.

Follow my next post for more work on the project!


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