State of mind (idea)

Recently, I went to a university workshop/event whereby a group of people get together and walk around different places in London to help with mental health and wellbeing. I have anxiety which really affects my physical health too and have always found that exercise has always helped.

Listening to the other people’s stories inspired me to come up with an idea to help with depression and anxiety as well as other mental health conditions. What if an EEG could convert brainwaves to create art? in a way it would be personal and unique art therapy for the patient – it may not cure the said condition, but it could certainly help to relieve some of the effects.


There is also a blog called ‘Brainwave Art‘ that  highlights art and music from different artists using brainwaves. This blog  was one of my main inspirations when deciding to create this piece of work.  here are one of the music pieces that is made using brainwaves below:

and here is an art piece made using brainwaves:

The way that I would create mine would be by using a Bitalino device that is capable of doing EEG scans and then creating some code in Arduino that would allow the change in brainwaves to make artwork. Perhaps it could be something like the calmer the person is, the more beautiful the artwork created, to gently encourage the user to relax more. There may also be a version that allows the user to control the colour or speed etc. (I would need to work immensely on this).

I am in love with the idea of giving the user the control to create something beautiful, even if they are feeling low. I gives them a sense of power and something positive and beautiful to be inspired by. It would be like  a way of rehabilitating the mind and soul, so in a way it is assistive technology for people with mental health or neurological disorders.



I’ve been reading the Wearables book by Edward Sazonov in which he discusses different biomedical sensors, wearables and devices. For this project to work, there is no doubt in my mind that I would have to do a lot of research in brain waves, neurological disorders, depressions,anxiety and any other mental health conditions. Below are some scans I found online to show the different brain scans of patients who had a mental health condition vs someone who has not. Albeit, these may not be accurate or real brain scans, so for the actual project, I would need to look at real scans.




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