Hi All!

Apologies for the lack of updates on the site, I have been working on some new ideas, but most importantly, I’ve gone through a course change at the university.

Previously, I was doing my MA in Computational Arts, which quite code heavy and required me to have a more systematic and technical way of thinking. Quite frankly, my brain is not wired like this and I found it extremely difficult to do what was expected of me. In addition, I didn’t find that it really spoke to my interest in accessible technology or devices for disabled people, as it was all or mainly computer based.



NOW, I am doing my MA in (wait for it, because this is a mouthful and a half…) Independent Games and Playable Experience Design, which is basically about making playable indie games and/or virtual experiences. This is not only perfect for the way that I think, but it is also great in terms of being able to come up with things for other disabled people. I am a gamer myself and I feel that using gaming as a platform, I can also educate non-disabled people as well as making accessible games for people with disabilities.


So yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing this year, Just adjusting to the change and also learning new things. From time to time I may post about the thing’s I am working on, but unlike the other projects I’ve done I may not be able to write up about or take pictures of everything as I want my concepts to be my own and in case I do develop it further, I don’t really want other’s knowing all my idea. BUUUTTT I will share some things 😛



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