The added anxiety

I’ve tirelessly been working on my game at the consequence that I am going to bed past 4am (though it is 100% worth it). Since my last post, I’ve made a nice, smooth transition between one room and the next, which fades to black and then comes back in again, much like the old school Pokemon games (which my game is in the style of anyways). I have also FINALLY been able to add an anxiety meter which goes up when the player, Jade enters a certain area. This was indeed the most challenging bit, mainly because I can’t math, not even. (I wish I could somehow insert the monkey covering face emoji)

In addition, I thought it would be nice to have the camera zoom in the cafe room, to get a better sense of how it is for the player is in a small, but loud environment. Seeing as the camera zooms in, of course, I had to code the player to be a little smaller.

I’m still in the process of making numerous NPC’s for the cafe level which will take a long time.  However, but it’s nice to have a break from coding for a while and get back to the artboard!

Here are some sneak peaks of my games development so far:



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